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Office Cleaning Insurance

If you are involved with cleaning offices or public spaces, then you will need to have in place very specific insurance protection.

This type of work leaves you exposed to highly sensitive information, valuable items and the risks of slips and trips all of which should be picked up by your office cleaning insurance policy.

Your staff and the members of the public will need to be protected and of course, you will need to have cover in place for any damage that you might cause to the property that you are cleaning.

You will need to have cover for "damage to property worked on" so that you are covered for cleaning the expensive computers and technical equipment and you will need to have cover in place to protect the business from any acts of dishonesty from members of staff.

GLEAMING INSURANCE specializes in providing cleaning insurance to all kinds of cleaning contractors across the whole of the UK, so when your policy is next due for renewal don't forget to get in touch with us.


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