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Public Liability Cover

If you were to be accused of causing damage to property or causing injury to a member of the public, you would need to have Public Liability Insurance for Cleaners to protect you and your business.  

This would help protect you from claims that arise out of your negligence when completing your work as a cleaning contractor.

However, not all Public Liability Insurance policies are the same.  

When you arrange cover with GLEAMING INSURANCE you can be covered for;

- Damage to Property Being Worked On

- Treatment Risks 

- Loss of Customer's Keys

- Financial Losses (sustained by your customers)

- Losses from fraud & employee dishonesty

- Failure to Secure a Customer’s Premises

- Unauthorized use of telephones

- Criminal Defence Costs 

You can choose the level of the excess you pay, starting from just £150 and our policy includes £1000 tools and equipment cover for free.

The premium can be paid by 0% interest-free installments, so visit our homepage and get your quotation today.


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