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Scratched Windows

It's the one thing that all window cleaners fear, the allegation of scratching a customer's windows and it is something that we see quite regularly at Gleaming.

We have seen clients blamed for scratching multiple panes of glass along with the frames and even causing damage to the brickwork below the window itself.

That is where you will absolutely need the specialist window cleaning insurance that we can offer you, as a professional window cleaner.

Our cover can include "damage to property worked on" and "treatment risks" both of which you need to have in place for your cover to operate and protect you.

Whilst most claims of this nature are small, we have had cases where claims have been settled in the tens of thousands of pounds and that is the real proof of the pudding in terms of our policy cover.

Make sure when your next policy comes due for renewal that you get a quotation from GLEAMING INSURANCE, the specialist insurers for window cleaners.


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