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Sweeping the Floor

As a cleaning contractor, you will work in many locations and environments and at some point, you will come across a hard or polished flooring surface.

When you are working on these surfaces there are lots of things to think about and to ensure are safe for yourself and members of the public.

The first risk to consider is the safety of the environment - is the floor wet? have you mopped it and could it still be a bit damp? If that is the case are the signs out warning people? is the area cordoned off? Slips and trips cost the insurers millions each year, so taking a little time now will help in the long run.

The next thing to think about is how likely is it that you could damage the flooring. Certainly, if the surface can be damaged then extra care is needed.

You will also need to make sure you have "damage to property worked upon" and "treatment risks" covers in place as part of your public liability policy.

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