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Using Chemicals

One of the most common types of claim we see through the office are claims relating to damage caused by chemicals or cleaning solutions.

Whether that is simply stains on carpets, rings on wooden surfaces or total destruction of delicate fabrics, they all lead to a claim being made.

Unless you have a specialist liability policy, then in most circumstances, you would not be covered as virtually every standard (cheap) liability policy has a "treatment exclusion"

Naturally, GLEAMING INSURANCE can provide treatment risks insurance as part of our insurance policy for cleaning contractors. That gives you the peace of mind that should the worst happen, then you are covered and your policy will respond.

Have you checked that your policy provides "treatment risks insurance"? If you cannot explicitly see it in the wording, then be very wary indeed.

Then check your excess, you might be in for a shock - if, and it is a big if, your current insurer is providing this cover then you will be asked to contribute at least £250 for any claim - sometimes that can be as much as £500 per claim!

The excess with GLEAMING INSURANCE for this cover is only £150, and that applies to all property damage claims with us.

Get your quotation today, from the cleaning contractor specialists and take away the worry of the unknown.


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