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Window Cleaning Insurance

When you are cleaning windows, the most important cover that you can have in place is cover for scratching the glass or frames.

But, most standard liability policies exclude this cover and most exclude cover for anything that is in your "care, custody or control" and for a window cleaner, that means the glass! Take a look at the wording of your policy to see if you are covered.

Of course, being specialist insurance providers to the cleaning industry GLEAMING INSURANCE can provide "damage to property worked on" and "treatment risks" meaning that if you work as a window cleaner, you have the protection in place.

We see claims for single panes of glass that can be up to £500, but we have also seen claims for multiple windows reaching £5,000 in total and we have also experienced issues on builders cleans where allegations are made up to £30,000 so whilst you may think this isn't a big issue, all of a sudden it can be.

Take a look at our page for Window Cleaning Insurance and get your quotation today and take advantage of some of the best covers in the market place for cleaning contractors.


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