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Employee Dishonesty

They are probably your most valuable asset, the people that do the work and complete the contracts for you and your business.

They complete this professionally and efficiently virtually all of the time, but what happens if your employees, for whatever reason act dishonestly?

employee dishonesty

We have seen claims where an employee has suddenly decided to take home credit cards they have found in clients houses and use them to shop online and elsewhere, expensive camera's have been taken and obviously cash has gone missing too.

This is such a specialist risk, that virtually all standard liability policies provide absolutely no cover at all for this - if you have a cheap "off the shelf" policy then you are exposed to potential issues here. You won't have any cover to protect you.

As specialist insurance providers to the cleaning industry, Gleaming Insurance provide this cover automatically (up to £25,000) to help further protect your business. You won't find this cover on many policies at all out there - hence the reason they are cheap (and largely ineffective when you need them)

A word of caution though. Due to the really specialist nature of this cover, the insurers do put quite strict conditions in place - you need to have a reference in place for a period of 2 years for the cover to operate - howver, as a professional cleaning contractor we would expect you to be doing this anyway.

Employee Dishonesty can hit a business hard, but with specialist insurance in place to help protect you, these risks can be reduced and mitigated.

Visit our website today and read more about the cover and all the other specialist sections that we provide. Don't risk your business with cheap insurance that will let you down when you most need it. Speak to the specialists, Gleaming Insurance.

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