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Cleaners Tools and Equipment

Nearly all the cleaning contractors that we provide insurance cover to have tools and equipment that they use day in, day out.

Most of the tools and equipment are low value and easily replaceable, but for many specialist cleaners, the tools and equipment they use are absolutely vital to their livelihood.

Vehicles kitted out with water tanks and specialist cleaning equipment are common and some of these kits can reach a value of £20,000 or more.

Having the right kind of insurance in place for these items is really important as not all insurance policies will give the wide coverage that is expected.

GLEAMING INSURANCE provides cover for tools and equipment as standard on our policies, starting with £1000 of free cover which can be increased for a small charge. We provide overnight cover, even if they are left in a vehicle and all this for a really low excess level.

The cover is available as an extension to our Public Liability policy, so if you would like the very best cover for cleaning contractors in the UK, then visit our website to get your quotation today.


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