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Information we need to provide a quote

The benefit of our policy means that we do not need to know how many people work for you. All we need to know, in addition to your estimated annual turnover is an estimated annual figure you pay to either direct employees or self-employed cleaners (labour only subcontractors).   This works out cheaper for you as part-time cleaners will not be charged at the same premium as full-time cleaners.  Many other insurers charge a price per person which can be expensive.

Non-Ltd Companies

Please exclude any payments made to the business owner(s), we don't need to know your own takings as the business owners are not covered by the employer's liability insurance.

Ltd Companies

We will need to know the drawings made by all directors involved in cleaning as a director is classed as an employee. 

Clerical Staff

We do not need to know the amount you pay to anyone who only undertakes clerical duties.  

Cleaning Agencies (who place cleaners with homeowners)

Many cleaning agencies have been misinformed about their legal obligations to provide Employers Liability Insurance for their self-employed cleaners.  If you have people working under your name, who have been introduced by you then you are taking responsibility for those people.  We have created a specific page for Cleaning Agencies Insurance to explain what information we need from you to offer a quotation. 


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