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Transforming Risk

Technology is always changing our world and transforming the way we work and how we do business. You see it in all aspects of modern life and the developments continue in the cleaning industry too.

Probably the biggest example of that in recent times has been the advent of the water fed pole in window cleaning.

The high rise jobs will always have the specialist cradle and abseilers who can carry out these duties, but for the lower level work off the ground, this was always a real issue for insurers.

The safety of people using ladders will always present risks to insurers, not from damage claims particularly but from injury claims from employees who may have fallen, quite often from a quite low height too.

The pole system took away much of that risk, with the employees working from ground level the chances of injury from falls reduces to zero. They can of course still have issues from tripping up over hoses to tweaked back from improper use, but the real big dangers of life-changing falls have gone.

If you operate your cleaning business using the poles, then we recognize that and our rates are reduced dramatically compared to traditional ladder work.

Visit our website and get your quotation today and see what we can offer your business.


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