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Types of Cleaning work covered

We offer a comprehensive policy that will include cover for you to undertake the following activities as standard;

1. Internal and external cleaning of commercial properties including shops, offices, restaurants, pubs and other properties occupied by businesses

2. Internal and external cleaning of domestic properties

3. End of tenancy and holiday home cleaning including caravans (interior and exterior)

4. Conservatory and solar panel cleaning

5. Carpet, upholstery, hard floors, soft furnishing and curtain cleaning

6. Gutter, soffit, fascia, signage and frame cleaning

7. Kitchen and oven cleaning (domestic and catering only) excluding industrial ovens

8. White goods cleaning including fridges and washing machines

9. Pressure washing to 248 bar (3,600 psi)

10. Contract cleaning

11. A height limit of 25 metres or more is available

We provide public liability cover with these works of cleaning.

This will protect your livelihood and reputation if you were found to have been legally liable for damage or injury you caused during your business activities.

The cover includes:

- Damage to Property Worked On

- Treatment Risks

- Loss of Customers' Keys

​- Failure to Secure a Customer's Premises

- Losses from Dishonesty

If you would like a quote visit the homepage and see if you can better protect your business with GLEAMING INSURANCE specialist liability cover.


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