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Typical Claims

You have arranged liability insurance to protect you in the event of a claim, so what happens when something goes wrong and you need to call on the policy to help.

We see all kinds of claims arriving into our inbox, from all kinds of cleaners working in all kinds of environments. From domestic cleaners through to commercial and industrial cleaners, all are at risk of a potential legal liability claim.

One of the most common claims relates to carpet and upholstery cleaning - carpets in all kinds of conditions are cleaned and something happens during that process to leave stains, botches or discolorations.

Having the right policy cover that responds to such claims is vital and that is where "Treatment Risks" cover that we provide comes into its own. This is a cover that is usually excluded under a standard (and cheaper) policy but it provides cover for damage caused by chemicals and cleaning solutions - a vital cover for a carpet cleaner!

Of course, it's not just damage to carpets that can lead to claims.

We deal with lots of issues for Window Cleaners where they have been alleged to have caused scratching and scoring to glass and again a standard policy excludes cover for this type of damage.

We provide "Damage to Property Worked Upon" cover which means cover for you if you cause scratches to the glass or damage to the framework etc

Those are two examples of very common claims that we deal with, they are both also two examples of claims that cleaners who have bought a cheap standard policy can get caught out with.

Take a look at our policy cover and get your specialist liability quotation today to help protect you, your business, and your customers.

You can get your quote at in a matter of minutes.


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