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What excess would you pay?

When you arrange your public liability policy, one of the things that is often overlooked is the excess. This is the amount you have to contribute when the insurers settle a property damage claim.

If you are accused of scratching a work surface, for example, the costs can run into thousands but do you know how much you would have to pay in such circumstances?

Lots of cleaners just buy their liability cover purely based on whatever quote comes out the cheapest, but this is such a risky strategy - without understanding your policy wording and how it applies to you could leave you exposed.

The policy excess is the most important factor when it comes to settling claims.

We see lots of people advising us they have a cheaper quote but when we dig into that quote we find out they have a much higher excess meaning that in the event on one claim they would be out of pocket. Should they suffer more than one claim, they would be hugely out of pocket.

We can offer cover with just £150 excess compared to other quotes we see where the excess is £500 or more - just small details like that can mean so much to a cleaning contractor.

Read your wording today and understand what you might have to pay if you suffered a claim.

If it is more than £150 then you need to get a quote from us!


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